Train Wreck Leads To Huge Oil Explosion [VIDEO]
A train carrying crude oil crashed in West Virginia earlier today. One of the cars full of oil shot into a river, and a handful of others caught fire, causing a giant fireball to shoot into the sky.
Thankfully there was a very West-Virginia-sounding guy rolling his camera on it...
Man Dies in Geriatric Meth Lab Explosion
Sooner or later, it had to happen.  You cut their Social Security.  You cut their medicare. You jack up the price of cigarettes and Depends.  Eventually, you hit the breaking point, and Grandma and her posse have to crank (pun not intended...seriously) up a meth lab in the nursing hom…
Hot Girls Lighting Their Farts [VIDEO]
So I have come to learn that girls, in fact, DO FART!  And they think it is funny. Yes, us guys are disgusting, but this is proof that we are NOT the most heinous group of neanderthals that walk the earth.
Multiple Attempts:
A one-time poofeter:
I'm thinking she ate too much beef and c…

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