A $12 McDonald’s Hamburger? [VIDEO]
McDonald's has released a new menu item in some locations across the country.'s a new menu, all together. It's touchscreen wonderland of the finest ingredients that the burger giant has, displayed prominently in the lobby.
The Ultimate Whataburger Taste Test [VIDEO]
I am an unapologetic Highland Hood Rat.  I have lived in, what I like to call, "The New Orleans of Shreveport" for most of my adult life. I've watched things come, and I've watched things go. In the past few years, two of my favorite places ever were closed, both of …
Crazy Hot Sauce Might Have Saved Man’s Life [Video]
A 30-year-old guy from suburban Chicago, Randy Schmitz, was on vacation in Myrtle Beach, S.C., last summer.
He went to the Pepper Palace, which sells crazy hot sauces. The hottest sauce it sells is Flashbang, a combination of four peppers -- Carolina Reaper, scorpion, ghost pepper and habanero.
Man Cited for Eating While Driving [Video]
There are plenty of things that you just shouldn't do while driving.
You shouldn't text. You shouldn't (and aren't allowed) to consume alcohol. You probably shouldn't read a book or trim your toenails.
But what about eating while driving? That's OK, right?

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