The NFL – Bad Lip Reading [VIDEO]
I'm a huge football fan. I love it! (Go Ravens!) But I've always wondered what the hell all the coaches and players were yelling about on the sideline...Now we know.
Drunk Bears Fan Gets A Stripper Pole Beat Down [VIDEO]
Do you know what the best part about football season is? Sure, the games are great, but it's the drunken fans doing idiotic stuff that makes the football atmosphere so enjoyable.
For instance, take this average, drunken Bears fan. She looks normal. But when she attempts to do some tricks on a strippe…
KISS Rocks ACC Football [VIDEO]
When you hear a KISS song, you automatically think football, right?  Maybe not, but if you're looking for a band to open your football telecasts, I'd take KISS over Faith Hill every time.  Unless Faith is in her underwear.  Or a wet t-shirt.  But, I digress.

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