Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam are Giving Away Their New Album
If you've been waiting for new music from Foxy Shazam - good news!  Your wait is over.  The band have just released "Gonzo" ( I love that name!), a nine track album...and there's even better news.  They're giving it away!
The digital variety anyway...
Foxy Shazam v Smashing Pumpkins – 99X CockFight
The Smashing Pumpkins took down Chevelle last night to become our new champion. Tonight, they faceoff against one of our favorite bands (and one that just put on a KILLER show at the Warehouse) Foxy Shazam! Who wins it is all up to you. Get your votes in after the jump
Foxy Shazam Sound Check with 99X [VIDEO, PHOTOS]
"Best show EVER at the Warehouse!",  "Kicked my ass!",  "The best show of the year! Oh My God!"  Just a few of the comments overheard after Foxy Shazam tore the roof off The Riverside Warehouse last night.
99X Low Dough Show Announcement – Foxy Shazam
99X and Intense Entertainment are bringing you another kick ass Low Dough Show. On Tuesday, August 7 at the Riverside Warehouse, we are bringing you Foxy Shazam with special guests Irene and the Sleepers! Tickets for the show will go on sale Friday morning for $9.99 at Outhouse Tickets, Ri…
Cavo v Foxy Shazam – 99X CockFight
Foxy Shazam took another one last night, beating down Crossfade. But tonight, they faceoff against their toughest competition yet, our buddies Cavo! Who wins? The Flamboyant, black ass loving Foxy Shazam or the champagne drinking, guitar pick throwing, wild men of Cavo? Well, that is all up to you. …
Crossfade v Foxy Shazam – 99X CockFight
Foxy Shazam pulled off a stunning upset last night, taking down 10 Years to become our new Champion. So, tonight, they defend their title for the first time against Crossfade (who by the way, will be at the Warehouse on June 22nd)! Who takes it - The Flamboyant boys who like big black asses or the r…
Foxy Shazam v 10 Years – 99X CockFight
Last night, 10 Years took down Bush to become our new CockFight Champion. Tonight, they defend their title against one our more...flamboyant and interesting artists, Foxy Shazam. Who wins is all up to you. Get your votes in after the jump.
99X CockFight: Foxy Shazam v. Lamb of God [VIDEO]
Our first ever CockFight Champion was...Lamb of God. In fact, they SLAUGHTERED Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil may of not had some of the...ehm..."proper tools" to CockFight, but Lamb of God's opponent today is more than well equipped for the task...