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Next Time Your Friend Passes Out, Do This [VIDEO]
We all have a friend who drinks too much. Some of us have 2 or 3 of them to be honest. But the worst thing in the world is when one of them drinks too much, passes out, and YOU are left to take care of them. Someone has to make sure they don't Hendrix...
Evil Elmo Sings Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies’ [VIDEO]
Normally, when I think Elmo, I think of a happy go lucky Red Fur Ball that likes to tickle kids. But, apparently, Elmo has an evil dark side. At a Karaoke competition in Washington DC this weekend, Elmo did a KILLER rendition of Drowning Pool's hit song 'Bodies'. Check it out!
The Penis Brothers Are Taking Over Rust! [VIDEO]
For those of you that play video games on the computers, you may have heard of the game Rust. It's an online, multi-player game set in a post apocalypse world where the main goal is to not die. You have to scavenge for supplies avoid wild animals and looters, and avoid mass amounts of radiation. In …