The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do Today Is . . . Sit Down
You drive to work on roads filled with distracted idiots. You walk in past the smokers and inhale their second-hand smoke. You eat a high-fat breakfast. You look at the ceiling tiles and realize they're still packed with asbestos. And after all that . . . you still haven't encountered t…
56% of People Admit To Talking To You From the Toilet
When you're talking with someone on the phone, and suddenly it sounds a little more echo-y on their end, do you think . . . did they just go into the bathroom? Well . . . you should.In a new survey, 56% of Americans admitted to using their cell phones in the bathroom...
Gabe’s Top List: Tops Signs You’re on a Bad Date
Yesterday I mentioned that a British man and woman, went out on a blind date,and discovered an hour into it that they were actually brother and sister. This brings us to today's list of the Top Signs You're on a Bad Date.

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