Businesses Cashing In On Popularity Of Pokemon Go
In a little over a week, Pokemon Go has become the most downloaded app EVER for smart devices. It's taking the world by storm, and some businesses are taking advantage of the millions of people wandering around looking for the little monsters.
Gamestop Dumpster Diving Is A Big Deal [VIDEO]
I've heard of people dumpster diving for various reasons, sometimes they do if for legitimate reasons, but most of the time it sounds pretty stupid. But after seeing these videos on Gamestop dumpster diving, I might be rethinking my approach...
How To Win A Drinking Contest — Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing are articles intended to help the average guy prepare for some of life’s oddest events. It’s just advice. It’s better than being clueless.
While extreme drinking can actually kill you, sometimes you’ve just got to cut loose and prove to the guys, and the gals, that you can hold y…
Sex Scene or Murder Scene? [PHOTOS]
Looking for a great way to waste a few minutes at work? Not that I would ever do that of course, but does have some mindless games on their website that will give you a good reason to postpone that TPS report.
This one is my favorite...mainly because I kicked it's ass!
AC/DC Gets Its Own ‘Monopoly’
Over the course of their nearly 40-year career, AC/DC has sold more than 200 million albums, scored three Top 40 hits and won a Grammy – and now they’re plunking their amps down on Park Place.
Yes, that’s right: AC/DC is joining the Rolling Stones and Metallica on the short list of bands who have ear…
Total Pwnage with New Smart Phone [VIDEO]
Sony Erikson has just turned it up a notch for you gamers that just want a phone that you can play games on. The new Xperia Play is the first Play Station certified phone that is powered by android.
It's like a psp you can talk on.  Gamers...your day has come.
The Xperia Play has not been re…