heaven's basement

Become a 99X Staff Member for Our 20th Birthday Bash
We couldn't have made it 20 years without you, our listeners. As thanks for two decades of support, we're giving one lucky person the opportunity to walk the walk and talk the talk for a day as part of the 99X team.
99X 20th Birthday Bash: Introduction to Heaven’s Basement
Our 20th Birthday Bash is going to be EPIC! And even though I hate the way people use the word epic, I can't think of another word that could even been to describe this event. All That Remains, The Pretty Reckless, Joan Jett and the GOTTDAM Blackhearts and Heaven's Basement are going to be providing…
Where to Buy 99X 20th Birthday Bash Tickets
Since tickets went on sale yesterday for our 20th Birthday Bash featuring Heaven's Basement, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, The Pretty Reckless and All That Remains, we have received TONS of calls about where and when tickets can be purchased and for how much.
So, to save you time, money and eff…