Dear Apple, What We Really Want Is…
Does the voice texting on the iPhone make you sound like Borat too? I need a phone that instantly kills all 4 of my extra chins and has a reliable maps. What features would you like to see on the new iPhones?
Sex — There’s an App for That
So how is your sex life? Adventurous? Boring? Are you a stud? Are you a cock block?
Fear no more! You can actually track your sex-capades with the new app called Spreadsheets, said with tongue firmly planted...somewhere.
Heavy Metal Fan Plays Scorching Megadeth Solo on iPhone
Whatever your opinion of heavy metal god and legendary crankster Dave Mustaine, there's no denying that the dude can shred. But what's even more impressive is this amazing cover of Mustaine's solo from Megadeth's 'Holy Wars...The Punishment Due.' Oh, and did we mention …
WTF? I Wanted An iPhone [VIDEO NSFW]
Now here is a song that shows how ungrateful kids can be with their parents at Christmas. If memory serves me right, Christmas is about "the thought that counts". Read these posts and you will see how, for some odd reason, an iPhone trumps getting an iPad...

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