Homegrown Picks of the Week…Weeee’re Baaaack!
Okay, so Homegrown actually took TWO weeks off. Hope you didn't miss it too badly! But it's back, with some killer Texas rock while I'm waiting on some locals to finish up their new CDs.  Here's some fresh meat -- hope you enjoy!
Homegrown Picks of the Week – Our Biggest Winners
Week 20 was a great voting week...more than 1,500 total votes! Our winner this week is....Gabriel's Last Breath!  The guys are awesome, and I'm looking forward to hearing their tune "The Book" on 99x this week. 
Gonna do something WAAAY different THIS w…
Homegrown Picks of the Week – Round 19…METAL WEEK!
Great voting week for round 18, gang! Not a record, but way better than the previous week. It was a close one, but the winner is American Swindle. The guys won by just over 100 votes. We'll be playing their tune "X's for Eyes" on 99x this week...

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