Band Tees – Which One Should Jade Wear Next?
So yesterday I told you about my extensive band t-shirt collection, and that I've worn a different regional band's tee every day this week. I wanna see how long it takes me to go through each one of em. I have two groups: Group 1 consists of "guy-style" shirts...
Who’s on Homegrown 04-03-11?
I had scheduled Porcelain Arms to come in this weekend, but due to band issues, they were unable to make it. But...I did talk with Brady Blade and Scott Crompton with Blade Studios this week, and they had a lot to say about local talent...
Best Song Ever…And I Wrote It! [AUDIO]
New song by new local rock duo Aimless...featuring JADE!! (Angela Thomas) on vocals, Rich Kelham on guitars.  This is my first attempt at creating my own music, so let me know what you think! Listen after the jump.