july 4th

As You Celebrate The 4th Of July, Thank Willis Carrier
I just stepped outside to get my morning paper (what can I say, old habits die hard), and I had occasion once again to thank Willis Carrier.
Although his name is not mentioned in the same breath as Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla or Bill Gates, it should be...
Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over This July 4th
With July 4th gas prices at their lowest in 12 years, more traffic than usual is expected on the nation's roadways this year.  With that comes the likelihood of more traffic fatalities.  The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that as many as 582 Americans will lose their lives on…
How Patriotic Is Louisiana?
The 4th of July is less than a week away, which makes it a good time for personal finance website WalletHub to release its list of 2016's Most Patriotic States.