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Kid Rock Creates New Anthem for Detroit Lions
The man who once belted at the top of his lungs, ‘My Name is Kid,’ might know a thing or two about creating a rock anthem. As such, Kid Rock has been drafted by the NFL and Pepsi to provide a little something special for his hometown Detroit Lions.
Rock Feuds – Our Top 5 [VIDEOS]
Rock bands have their ups and downs. Most start out as kids that grow up together and are thrown into a lifestyle that most would kill for: fame, money, drugs and more women than an Arab sheik would know what to do with. Egos get out of control and bands break up or bands beef with other bands
Kid Rock and the Confederate flag
Recently, Kid Rock has received some comments on him using the Confederate flag at his shows. This is because he is about to accept and award from the NAACP and some of it's members don't believe he should get it because of this use. They're even boycotting his award dinner in Ma…