Airplane! Is the Best Movie EVER!!!!
If you are a fan of comedy, then you understand why the 3 Stooges were one of the greats. But it looks like Leslie Nielsen has a seat at the table of the greats, not once, but twice.
Memorial Services for Brian ‘Flynt Stone’ Harrison
Last Saturday night, Brian Allen Harrison, also known as Flynt Stone to countless Ark-La-Tex radio listeners, passed away after a battle with cancer. Today, his family announced when friends and listeners can pay their last respects to the fallen DJ.
Famous Athletes with One Ball
With Lance Armstrong in the news, it seems that his recent blood doping scandal has over shadowed his racing career, his banging of Sheryl Crow and his one testicle. Last night when the story broke about Lance Armstrong, we discussed everything BUT his problem with blood doping
Ron Jeremy Gets Hard With 99X [INTERVIEW]
Ron Jeremy is the Babe Ruth of the adult film industry.
Jeremy holds the world record for appearing in the most adult films and music videos and has also directed well over 250 films. He's also had a chart topping rap single. There's seemingly no end to his giant...talent.
The king of porn stars got d…