Aaron Lewis At The Horseshoe Riverdome on July 6th!
We've got another great summer show coming up pretty soon. Staind was just here playing X-Fest in April and I guess Aaron Lewis had so much fun in town (or he was so stoned he forgot he came here) that he's coming back!
The Toadies Tomorrow Night at the Warehouse! [VIDEO]
It's been one helluva rock and roll summer so far, and it just keeps getting better. Tomorrow night, we have another great show rolling through the Warehouse, the Toadies! I could type a bunch of bullshit about how awesome the Toadies are, but you already know that.
White Zombie Live 1993 – 99X Rewind
Each and every Monday, we take a walk down mammary lane and revisit/relive some of our favorite concerts from some our favorite bands. This week, we are going back to 1993 and spending a little time with White Zombie! Enjoy the show and if there are any bands YOU want to see, just let me know...
Tales from the 99X Rock Vault: Pantera Live in Hultsfred 1995
We here at 99X like to party hard. So, there's a LOT of things that are kinda fuzzy:  concerts, parties, Monday nights at Action Central...and I have a feeling there are a lot of things you can't remember either. So, to help us relieve memories from the past, each week we are going to…
The Greatest TOOL Discovery EVER! [VIDEO]
If I've said it once,I've said it a million times, I love TOOL. Maynard is a genius and may be one of the greatest front men of all time (if you can call him a "front man" nowadays). But while we all wait with bated breath for a new Tool album, I found this gem of a conce…
Shinedown “Somewhere In The Stratosphere” CD/DVD [VIDEO]
There are very few bands that I've seen live that have impressed me as much as Shinedown.
I LOVE those guys!
So much so, that I will be picking up the LIVE CD/DVD "Somewhere in the Stratosphrere."
It comes out May 3, 2011 , and I found a trailer so you can get a sneak peak.
Foo Fighters Concert Webcast
Today is the release day for the new Foo Fighters album "Wasting Light." The mighty Fighters of the Foo will be on Letterman tonight as a musical guest, but it's not just a one or two song deal.
Tonight, following the band appearence on LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN 10:35pm, the Foos will…
10 Years “Wasteland” [VIDEO]
Check out 10 Years performing their SMASH "Wasteland" from their show at the Riverside Warehouse Tuesday, March 1, 2011. Thanks to Rockin' Rick's camera work you can follow the guitarest as he plays through the crowd.  THIS shows why I LOVE shows at the Warehouse!&nb…
2011 Marks the 20th Anniversary of Pearl Jam [Video]
Twenty years ago this year one of the most pivotal bands in the development of the "alternative" genre of music was formed.  That band is Pearl Jam, and they are celebrating their anniversary with albums, deluxe albums, and possible a tour.

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