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Shreveport Band Trepid Releases Video For “Rust”
If you are a fan of the local rock scene, you have no doubt heard of Trepid. Their latest album, "In Henry We Trust," is a raucous roller coaster that delivers exactly what you'd expect, and the first single, "Rust," now has a brand new video!
Dirtfoot Is Working On Their 3rd Studio Album and They Need Your Help
Shreveport's favorite Whiskey drinking,Gypsy Punk Country Grumble boogie woogie band, Dirtfoot is back in the studio working on their 3rd album. They have been working feverishly at Blade Studios trying to get this thing out. With that being said, they need a little help from their friends.
Digital Summer’s Shreveport Connection [VIDEO]
By now, if you spend any time at all listening to 99X, you're familiar with the band Digital Summer and their songs "Forget You" and "Just Run". You're probably even more familiar with Digital Summer's guitarist Jon Stephenson. Jon is a Shreveport n…
EndEffect Rocks Homegrown Poll!
Congrats to our latest Homegrown Picks winner...EndEffect! The guys ran away with the majority of last week's votes. Be sure to listen for "Useless" in light 99x rotation starting today.  If you just can't wait...enjoy the tune posted below...

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