Mustache Style Guide [PIC]
The word "moustache" derives from 16th century French moustache, tracing the origin of the word all the way back to the Greek word mustax meaning "upper lip". Today, it denotes testicles.  But with so many options, ever wonder what mustache style fits yo…
Newest Trend: Shapewear For Men
Your beer gut used to be something you could embrace and be proud of, but things might be changing.
There is an increasing trend of "shapewear for men." Undershirts and underwear that is made to suck in your gut when you are to lazy to do it.
Introducing the Manly Scented Candles [VIDEO]
Last fall, 13-year-old Hart Main of Marysville, Ohio saw his sister selling candles for school.  And he was making fun of her, like 13-year-old boys do, because all the candles had ultra-feminine scents like lavender and flowers.