Louisiana Residents Want Legal Weed, State Lawmakers Scared
Louisiana residents support legalized marijuana. In fact, a recent poll by the American Civil Liberties Union discovered that more than half of the state’s registered voters are in favor of supporting a taxed and regulated marijuana commerce, as opposed to locking up nonviolent drug …
Louisiana Man Sentenced to 13 Years for Two Joints
A Louisiana man by the name of Bernard Noble was recently sentenced to over 13 years hard labor in prison with no possibility of parole for the possession of two joints. The Drug Policy Alliance is shocked by the man’s sentence and is now demanding the Louisiana Supreme Court review …
Puff’s Playlist: 420 Super Mix
In case you haven't noticed, Sunday is 4/20. And in case you've REALLY been out of touch, 4/20 is the day where folks celebrate the joys and pleasures of smoking marijuana. Now, of course, we don't condone the use of illegal and illicit substances, but we also aren't dumb enough to think that none o…
Louisiana Man Gets Caught Eating Weed During Traffic Stop
Rule #1: Never take a Sunday drive with more weed than you can discreetly eat during a routine traffic stop. Just ask 42-year-old Spencer Walker, who was pulled over on Monday by Louisiana police and caught trying to devour his stash when the cop approached the vehicle.
The Roast Of Weed [VIDEO]
Over the past few years, Comedy Roasts have exploded. Everyone from Charlie Sheen to Mike Tyson to Corey Taylor have been roasted. And now thanks to the good people from College Humor, we have the Roast of Marijuana. This is some funny stuff right here. So, fire one up and enjoy!
Marijuana Debate Is On Fire in Louisiana
Louisiana lawmakers will duke it out later this spring in an attempt to reduce the penalties associated with marijuana offenses. However, there is no misconception; the state has a long way to go before it embraces the idea of legalized marijuana.
Watch Master Debaters: Marijuana Vs. Crystal Meth [VIDEO]
By now, nearly every adult in America knows the difference between the depraved behaviors of the drug addict hooked on a Nazi fight drug called crystal meth and the laid back demeanor of the neighborhood pothead. But just in case you find yourself confused, we recommend spending a few minutes educat…

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