Megadeth Rock Bloodstock [VIDEO]
Dave Mustaine and Megadeth are marching their way across Europe on the Super Collider tour, but on Sunday, they stopped at Walton-On-Trent in the U.K. to headline the Bloodstock Open Air festival.
Wrapping up the four-day event that also featured Saxon, Obituary, and Amon Amarch, Mustaine and company…
Puff’s Playlist: Best Metal Drinking Songs
In case you haven't noticed, today is Thursday. And Thursday means two things: 1) It's Almost the Weekend & 2) IT'S THIRSTY THURSDAY! So whether you plan on going out and raising a little hell or staying at home to have a couple of beers with your buds, I have the perfect soun…
Metallica Alumni Feud? Megadeth Boots Newsted Off Tour
Given that they are both former members of Metallica, one would think Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted would get along famously. However, that appears not to be the case, as we learn that Newsted's self-titled band has been thrown off an Australian tour by headliners Megadeth.

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