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Mel Gibson Is Planning a ‘Passion of the Christ’ Sequel
Faith-based films have been riding a wildly successful wave for several years now, only recently stumbling a bit with the underwhelming box office returns for God’s Not Dead 2. And while that seemed to indicate that faithful audiences might not be too keen on sequels, Mel Gibson may very well…
Final ‘Expendables 3′ Trailer: Things Are Getting Explosive
If you're looking for any kind of plot details in the final 'Expendables 3' trailer, you're probably going to be left wanting. This short-but-sweet preview is all about things that go boom, whether they be cars, buildings, boats or people. However, if your idea of a good trailer …
Mel Gibson’s New Movie “Get The Gringo” [VIDEO]
Oh how the mighty have fallen. Once a Hollywood powerhouse, Mel Gibson is now reduced to low budget straight to Video On Demand movies. A trailer for his latest attempt to get his career back has surfaced. "Get The Gringo" doesn't look very promising.