Mayweather vs. McGregor: Who Will Win?
Undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather will take on MMA champ Conor McGregor this Saturday night in a much-hyped ‘Fight of the Century.’ Read our preview to find out who will win:
Soccer Mom Gets Destroyed By MMA Fighter
At least once a day, you stumble upon a video on the Internet that makes you go, "What in the actual F***?!?" This is that video today. I was searching old Ken Shamrock fight videos online (because that's what I do at work), and I happened to stumble upon this gem of a video. After watchin…
Louisiana Commission Bans MMA Fighters With Breast Implants
What a bunch of boobs. The Louisiana Boxing and Wrestling Commission ruled last week that women MMA fighters with breast implants will no longer be permitted to duke it out in the ring in the Creole state. This ruling is expected to remain in place for at least 60-days while the commission inve…

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