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John Corabi Goes Unplugged [Audio]
John Corabi, best known for his vocal work with The Scream, Motley Crue (sorry Vince...but I LOVED Corabi with the Crue), and Union, has opted to unplug for his upcoming album.
Vince Neil Joins Slaughter to Crank Up Motley Crue Classic [VIDEO]
While we're chomping at the bit for the upcoming Motley Crue/KISS tour, the Crue's Vince Neil took some time to take in a Slaughter show in Henderson, Nevada.  And since two members of Slaughter (Dana Strum and Jeff Bland) also play in Neil's solo project, you know the obligatory…
Motley Crue Give Away Free ‘Sex’ for 24 Hours
If Motley Crue fans thought they had to wait until tomorrow’s release of the band’s new single ‘Sex,’ well, surprise! For the next 24 hours the Crue are offering up a free download of the tune as a special thank-you note to their fans. Visit thei…

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