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Trailer of Hercules Starring The Rock
Okay I gotta be honest I have two points I want to make about this movie trailer. 1) It totally reminded me of The Scorpion King movie. 2) It looks badass. Check out Dwayne Johnson aka WWF's (WWE's) 'The Rock' latest movie offering.
Metallica’s 3D ‘Through the Never’ Premiere Set [VIDEO]
If you're a Metallica fan, and you happen to be in Toronto on September 9th, it would behoove you to grab a ticket to the Toronto International Film Festival, because that's when and where Metallica will be premiering their new 3D movie, "Through the Never"...
Mel Gibson’s New Movie “Get The Gringo” [VIDEO]
Oh how the mighty have fallen. Once a Hollywood powerhouse, Mel Gibson is now reduced to low budget straight to Video On Demand movies. A trailer for his latest attempt to get his career back has surfaced. "Get The Gringo" doesn't look very promising.