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Lemmy Proves That He Is God, Yet Again [VIDEO]
I guess late night talk shows in Germany are like they are here. A David Letterman looking guy hosting a show and interviewing a band that is completely out of their league when interviewing a band.
I have to admit, Lemmy is a complete gentleman when he is being interviewed by Harald Schmidt...
New Tunes Need Your Votes! — Tonight on Homegrown
Hope you're ready to get overloaded on new bands and tunes...because I have quite a few for you tonight! And I need YOUR help deciding whether I should keep 'em...or throw 'em back!  I admit, I've been horrible about checking my gmail...I FINALLY got caught up today, an…
Five Finger Death Punch “Under and Over It” [VIDEO]
Hot chicks, fast cars, explosions, and a neck breaking drum beat. That's a pretty good formula for a rock video, and Five Finger Death Punch did all with just a hint of sarcasm it with their video for "Under and Over It."
Let's face it, rock bands aren't selling millions of records these da…
Staind Debuts New Video for “Not Again” [VIDEO]
Staind has just released the official video for their new song "Not Again."
The video was directed by P.R. Brown who directed videos for Stone Sour and Bullet For My Valentine.
"Not Again" was the first single of their upcoming self-titled album that hits stores Tue…

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