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Hatebreed Kicks Off Tour, New Album to Follow [VIDEOS]
Hatebreed kicked off their "10 Years of Perseverance" tour last night in Clifton Park, NY, a tour
commemorating the 10th anniversary of the band's 2002 major-label debut, Perseverance.
Coincidentally, the band have wrapped up recording a new album, just in time for the tour.
New Nine Inch Nails Coming Friday [VIDEO]
Unfortunately, it's not a new album or new music, but anything new from Trent Reznor and NIN is good news right? What is dropping Friday is After All Is Said and Done, a full digital version of the final Nine Inch Nails show in 2009.
Rival Sons Release Video for ‘Keep On Swinging’ [VIDEO]
One of my favorite bands - Rival Sons - have just released the video for the first single from their upcoming album 'Head Down'.
'Keep on Swinging' shows the band playing to the congregation of an old southern church while snake-handling, wailing, healing, and speaking-in-tongues …
Are You In the New Linkin Park Video? [VIDEO]
If you've ever wanted to be in a music video, this is your lucky day! And you don't have to leave the comfort of home (office, classroom, wherever you happen to be right now). Linkin Park has made it possible for you and your friends to pop up in the video for "Lost in the Echo&a…
Steel Panther Preview New Live DVD [VIDEO]
Metal fans are rejoicing!  Mothers are taking away their teenage daughters video privileges!  Puff is pawing himself in delight!  The new Steel Panther Concert DVD "The British Invasion" is finished, and is scheduled for release on September 28th in Australia and New…
HardDrive Brings Tremonti to Shreveport [VIDEO]
Nationally syndicated radio show HardDrive has announced the 2012 hardDrive Live Tour featuring Tremonti and Man the Mighty. The fourth annual tour stops in Shreveport at The Riverside Warehouse on October 5th.
99X goes waaaaay back with Mark Tremonti, having been one of the first radio stations in t…
Marilyn Manson Moves in Slo-Mo-tion [VIDEO]
Marilyn Manson has released a new video.  It's for Slo-mo-tion, the second single from his latest effort, Born Villain.  Why should you care?  Because in a world where Nickelback, Justin Bieber,  and LMFAO routinely top the charts...we need Marilyn Manson.
Three Days Grace Prepare for “Transit of Venus” [VIDEO]
"Transit of Venus" is the title of the band's fourth album, and if all goes according to plan, it will be available in stores and online on October 2nd.
The first single "Chalk Outline" hit the airwaves on 99X today...check out the lyric video here:
In This Moment Unplug for ‘Blood’ [VIDEO]
In This Moment are on the road, making appearances to plug their new album 'Blood', due out on August 14th.  The band stopped by Good Morning Wyoming yesterday (Wed. 8/1) to perform an acoustic version of the title track:
Pre-order a special iTunes version of the album (whi…

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