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Rival Sons Release Visual Documentary [VIDEO]
One of my favorite bands, Rival Sons, just wrapped up a headlining tour of Europe, and to celebrate, they've released a photo-documentary from their show at the Sweden Rock Festival on June 7th.
Band to Watch For – Beware of Darkness [VIDEO]
Beware of Darkness. Are they named after the Spock's Beard album or the George Harrison song? Or none of the above? I have no idea, as information on the band seems to be as rare as Lindsay Lohan sobriety chips. What I can tell you is that the band was formed in L.A. by singer/guitarist Kyle…
John Corabi Goes Unplugged [Audio]
John Corabi, best known for his vocal work with The Scream, Motley Crue (sorry Vince...but I LOVED Corabi with the Crue), and Union, has opted to unplug for his upcoming album.
World’s First All-Girl Porn Star Band [VIDEOS]
First there was the Runaways.  Then Kittie.  And Cherri Bomb.  The all-girl band thing has been done before, but never like this.  On Sept. 25, an off-the-wall mockumentary about a rock band comprised of four adult performers called Tight will be hitting stores. The movie follows…

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