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Kyng Premiere Video for “Electric Halo” [VIDEO]
Eddie Veliz (guitars/vocals), Tony Castaneda (bass), and Pepe Clarke (drums) - collectively known as KYNG - released their second album "Burn the Serum" last month...and I can't get it out of my car CD player. Seriously. It's f***ing stuck and I can't get it out...
Adelitas Way Unleash ‘Criticize’ Lyric Video
Adelitas Way are scratching and clawing their way up the rock charts with their latest single ‘Criticize.’ The song recently cracked the Top 20 of the active rock tally and the band is celebrating with a brand new lyric video for fans who want to sing along.
Five Finger Death Punch “Under and Over It” [VIDEO]
Hot chicks, fast cars, explosions, and a neck breaking drum beat. That's a pretty good formula for a rock video, and Five Finger Death Punch did all with just a hint of sarcasm it with their video for "Under and Over It."
Let's face it, rock bands aren't selling millions of records these da…