Cram Some New Rock Into Your Earholes
Every week, tons of bands release new music. Some good, some bad. And we try to play as much of it as humanly possible. Here are some new tracks that you may or may not hear soon on 99X. If you think there is something we should hear, let us know!
Nickelback Deliver Info on New Album [VIDEO]
New year, new label, new album, and the best Nickelback ever? If you can believe Chad Kroeger - and why wouldn't you? If I'm not mistaken, he's never lied to you - the upcoming Nickelback album, "No Fixed Address", could be their best yet...
99X Under the Radar 3: New Music For Your Earholes [AUDIO]
Here at 99X, we try to play as much of the good new stuff as we can, but with all the new music that drops every week, there’s just not enough time to get it all on the air. But, we still want to give you a chance to check out some great new rock that may, or may not eventually find…

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