nitro circus

The Official 99X Nitro Circus After-party Details
Nitro Circus is set to invade Independence Stadium in Shreveport on Friday, April 15th!
After all the high-flying action wraps up, head to downtown Shreveport to get your after-part on with 99X. We will be LIVE at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club on Commerce Street from 9p-11p for our 99X Nitro Circus…
Ticket Cannon Bonus Plays Are Coming!
We are giving you MORE chances to win tickets to see Nitro Circus, Sevendust, ZZ Top, Disturbed & Rob Zombie at CenturyLink, Powerman 5000, Modest Mouse, The Taste of Chaos Tour, and more!
X-Games Gold Medalist Mike Mason Talks About Nitro Circus [VIDEO]
I have been a fan of the X-Games since I was a kid. Back in the day, I messed around on snowmobiles in Northern Michigan, had my own BMX bike, and tried to pull off a homemade Jackass video...I was the perfect mark for the X-Games.
Getting a chance to sit down with a guy that I've watched win X-…
Amazing Front Flip in a Wheelchair [VIDEO]
Nitro Circus Live, the live spectacle of the world famous Nitro Circus DVDs and the hit MTV series, will soon announce details about a World Tour set to launch in North America later this year. This kid, Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham, did some amazing stunts while the tour was in Aus…