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Epic Fail Last Will and Testament [VIDEO]
This is a little creepy, but someone posted their grandfather's last will and testament on Youtube. Creepy is just the beginning. In his video will Pappy hereby bequeaths his house and savings to his wife, the timeshare in Albuquerque to his daughter, and to his son his collection of dildos?
99 Year Old Man Waves Bye-Bye To Bachelorhood
For you die hard bachelors out there, tired of having you mom bug you about when are you going to get married and settle down, meet Gilbert Herrick of Rochester, New York.
Gilbert finally took the plunge at the ripe old age of 99 years old. His bride is a spry minx at 86 years of age.
What was hi…
Bathrooms: Glorious Sex Paradise or Imminent Death Trap?
A new study by the Centers for Disease Control finds that the bathroom is a much more dangerous place that we suspected. It found that Americans age 15 and up make about 240,000 emergency room visits a year because of injuries sustained in the bathroom...