Black Sabbath Wrap Up “13” Tour [VIDEO]
Friday night (July 4th) marked the last show of Black Sabbath's "13" tour, and possibly, as some are saying, their last tour ever.
If it is indeed their last show (doubtful), they went out in style, closing out a show in Hyde Park that also featured Soundgarden, Motorhead, Soul…
Ozzy On The Radio
Ah, the Prince of Darkness speaks and we all go "WTF did he say". Well guess what, Ozzy just landed his own radio show. How lucky for all of us. Not only will those who hear it get to hear some killer music, they will also get to hear Ozzy try to spit out what seems like words that…
Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree? [PICS]
Sure Christmas is all about buy crap and until I had a son, I didn't put up a Christmas tree, so I have made it a Rock N Roll Christmas in our house. I have spent a lot of time researching how to find the official ornaments. And here is what I have found so far:
What collection would be complete with…
Behind the Scenes: Ozzy/Bieber Super Bowl Ad [VIDEO]
There's probably very few people that didn't see the Ozzy/Justin Bieber commercial for Best Buy during the Superbowl.  Good thing, too, considering Best Buy dropped around $3 million dollars to get the ad aired during the big game.