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Pause and Toss: Bridget Bardot
Today's Pause and Toss has a bit of politics involved. If you have looked at your paycheck yet, you will notice, 2% less in your take-home. If you were in France and were an actor, you would be taxed at 75%, if you make over $1mil, like Gerard Depardieux and Bridget Bardot.
Pause and Toss: Rebecca Demornay
She came onto the movie scene as Lana, the hooker that initiated Tom Cruise in Risky business and it has been hard for her to keep her clothes on since then. This week's Pause and Toss award goes to Rebecca Demornay.
Pause and Toss: Demi Moore
Today, Demi Moore is absolutely trashed out and off her rocker bat-s crazy. However, when we look back at the history of Demi Moore, she has graced the silver screen with her assets. Most of all, She made a lot of movies where she was taking her clothes off.
Let's take a look at her most success…
Pause and Toss: Lauren Graham
"Bad Santa" was one of the best Christmas movies of all time. Why? Because it showed the true mall Santa Claus for what he is. One of the best parts is that Lauren Graham has a thing for the Jolly Old Elf. The bad part...that Jolly Old Elf is Billy Bob Thornton.
Pause and Toss: Cougar Club
You guessed it, I have a lot of time on my hands and because of it I find some of the most sophomoric movies known to man. Sometimes even I disgust myself with the depths I will go to find a Pause and Toss moment...all because I need to rub one out.
Monday’s Pause and Toss Moment: Private School
Matthew Modine needed a career jump-start and the movie he chose was "Private School." Interestingly enough, he teamed up with a star on the rise Phoebe Cates, who just came off of the biggest movie exposure (yes, pun intended) of her career with "Fast Times at R…
Pause and Toss Moment: Angelina Jolie (Wanted)
Angelina Jolie: She's hot, we get that. She is weird, we like that. She passionately kisses her brother...that's just creepy. However, her fully tattooed back-side is a complete turn on with today's Pause and Toss from the movie "Wanted."
Pause and Toss Moment: Hallie Berry
Hallie Berry isn't just hot...she is so hot, she can get a Pause and Toss with both hands from me.
When it came to doing nude scenes, Hallie Berry required an extra million JUST TO POP HER TOP!!!! And this movie has lots of Hallie Berry skin -- even a mattress mambo scene.  Sadly, the one m…

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