Mindi — SuicideGirl of the Day
Meet Mini, a 22-year-old SuicideGirl from Colombia who spends most of her free time sleeping. When this sleeping beauty is conscious, she enjoys cuddling up and watching Gone With the Wind.
Tarion — SuicideGirl of the Day
Meet Tarion, a South African SuicideGirl who lists world domination as her hobby. When this hottie isn’t plotting to take over the world, she’s busy fighting her addiction to lollipops and merry-go-rounds.
Areia — SuicideGirl of the Day
Meet Areia, a 24-year-old SuicideGirl who says she’s lost. This hottie may not know where she is, but she will cook you up something delicious in the kitchen, where she spends her time working as a chef.
Opaque — SuicideGirl of the Day
Meet Opaque, a SuicideGirl who seeks spiritual balance, healthy living and a nice slice of pie.
Name: Opaque
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Learner of lessons
Gets me hot: Death Valley
Most humbling moment: Looking into the sky. Or at a tree

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