Comedians Share Some Messed Up Sexual Experiences [VIDEO]
Look, we've all had some terrible sexual experiences. It's just part of the trials and tribulations of life. But, even though I've found myself in some horribly awkward situations, these comedians have me beat. Playboy has a few Comedians sit down to tell their worst experiences and a…
How Do Women React The First Time They Read Playboy
Really though, it's not quite the reaction you would assume. Then again, we're all pretty desensitized to the adult industry. Which is something the women mention in the clip. But they appear to be more concerned about the personal hygiene changes over the years and the increased use of ph…
Playboy Magazine Releases Hebrew Version
No longer will Israelis be subjected to spanking off to nudie magazines in a language other than their own; this week Playboy released a Hebrew edition of the iconic lifestyle rag for the "discriminating gentlemen” of the holy land.
Playboy Putting the Masturbation Back Into Magazine [PICS]
Playboy has been a part of pop culture since 1953 when Marilyn Monroe graced the very first issue. But, in recent years, the magazine has been slowly going down the crapper. So, in an effort to save the magazine, Playboy has launched an interesting new ad campaign.

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