Pokemon Go

Businesses Cashing In On Popularity Of Pokemon Go
In a little over a week, Pokemon Go has become the most downloaded app EVER for smart devices. It's taking the world by storm, and some businesses are taking advantage of the millions of people wandering around looking for the little monsters.
Pokemon Go Is Officially More Popular Than Porn
Congrats to Pokemon, it's king of the internet. At least for now. Which is still incredible, to dethrone the forever ruler of the internet is impressive.
The internet was made for porn. In recent years, various memes have tried to dethrone porn, pretty unsuccessfully...
The BBB Just Issued Some Warnings On Pokemon Go
You've probably heard of Pokemon Go by now. It's being reported that the game is breaking all sorts of US phone app records. And if you've seen the people outside playing it, you'll believe it.
With all the excitement comes concern though...
Cool Pokestops In Shreveport & Bossier
Pokemon Go has taken over the world. There are people playing so aggressively there are police departments and departments of transportation are issuing warnings to players. Coworkers are getting annoyed, and some places of business are rumored to be banning employees from playing...

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