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Cleveland Stripper Falls Head Over Heels For Tip…Literally
I don't know if you been to the Strip Club lately, but it seems like most of the girls are just mailing it in. No wild pole tricks, nothing crazy in the lap dance room. It sucks, and not in a good way.
But not all strippers are metaphorically sucking balls. Some are really getting after it. One …
One-Armed Pole Dancer Wins International Pole Dancing Title [VIDEO]
This a heart warming, feel good story if I read one. A one armed dancer from Australia and dazzled the competition on the big, brass pole. It's quite an amazing feat when you consider how hard and physically demanding pole dancing is.
It's nice to see that her physical handicap isn't h…
Subway Pole Dancing Is Becoming a Trend [VIDEOS]
The big news in public transportation this week was 26-year old Ryan Wenzel (not pictured), who entertained riders of New York City's L Train with a pole dance.
While the show may have seemed spontaneous, it turns out it was actually part of a shoot for an upcoming Girl Talk video.
Petition Started to Make Pole Dancing an Olympic Sport [VIDEO]
Vertical Dance, a British pole-dancing company, is petitioning the International Olympic Committee to get their sport recognized as a test event for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
According to the petition, which has so far garnered about 6,000 signatures, "Over 50 countries worldwide take …
10 Epic Pole Dancing Disasters [VIDEO]
It used to be that pole dancing was strictly the domain of well-tipped professionals you could find at say the Hustler Club.
However, these days, with pole dancing being embraced as both a form of exercise, many more amateurs are taking to the pole.
Pole Dancing for Jesus??? [VIDEO]
There may be a good Christian message buried somewhere in here . . . but still, on the list of ways to pay homage to our good friend Jesus, this can't be very high. There's an aerobics studio in Houston, Texas called Best Shape of Your Life Studios, and they're offering a class called Pole Fitness f…