Up Skirt Prank Is Awesome! [VIDEO]
This video is the perfect storm of hilarity and hotness. Take a hot chick in a thong add a dude with a blower and a crowd of unsuspecting people and what do you get? A hilarious video! Not in the mood to laugh? Put the video on's still pretty hot...
Soldiers Prank Sleeping Soldiers [VIDEO]
Every time I had friend's sleep over in school the first person to fall asleep ended up with something horrible happening to them. Hands in warm water, flour on faces, shaving cream, tons of stupid stuff. I was proud this weekend when my son stayed over at a friend's house, and told me the…
Severed Pig’s Head Discovered at Louisiana Airport
We’ve heard of custom hood ornaments, but this is ridiculous.
Over the weekend, authorities in Louisiana say that the severed head of a pig was discovered on the hood of somebody's rental car, with no additional evidence to indicate why it had been put there.
Wet Driveway Foils Prankster [VIDEO]
A dad’s attempt to sneak up on his daughter and frighten her ends in hilarious failure when he slips on a wet driveway and lands on his face. Watch the prankster pop take a tumble below: