The Cure for Morning Sickness? Oral Sex.
It's a bad news/good news scenerio. Your girlfriend tells you she's pregnant. Not exactly how you had planned to kick off the weekend. But look on the bright side. And there is a bright side. A new study shows that there is a cure for that peskiest of pregnancy woes, morning sickness.…
Sex Can Lead to Death, Says Study
A new study has confirmed what doctors have long suspected: A sudden burst of moderate to intense activity, in particular sex, greatly increases your risk of suffering a deadly cardiac event.
Researchers from Tufts University compiled data from 14 studies which explored the link between sex and hear…
No Job is Better Than a Crappy Job
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Being a lazy bum is actually better for you mental health than having some thankless menial job. Right. Try explaining that to your old lady.