rival sons

The Rival Sons. Rock. That is All [VIDEOS]
Rival Sons. It's no secret. I love this f***ing band! It boggles my mind, with four albums down (and one on the way), that these guys aren't headlining arenas in the U.S. Not unheard of, I guess. A band that gets no - or minimal - respect on one side of the pond, can be huge on the other s…
Rival Sons Release Visual Documentary [VIDEO]
One of my favorite bands, Rival Sons, just wrapped up a headlining tour of Europe, and to celebrate, they've released a photo-documentary from their show at the Sweden Rock Festival on June 7th.
Rival Sons Release Video for ‘Keep On Swinging’ [VIDEO]
One of my favorite bands - Rival Sons - have just released the video for the first single from their upcoming album 'Head Down'.
'Keep on Swinging' shows the band playing to the congregation of an old southern church while snake-handling, wailing, healing, and speaking-in-tongues …