Riverside Warehoue

Superjoint Is Back and Coming to Shreveport!
A few months ago, there were rumblings of a Superjoint tour. Well, kiddos, I have some BIG news for you! Phil Anselmo and company have not only confirmed that they are hitting the road together for the first time since 2004, but they will be making a stop in Shreveport!
99X and Texas Hippie Coalition Are Wishing You a ‘Hippie Holiday’
Whether we like it or not, Christmas is coming. But we do things a little bit differently here at 99X. We don't deck halls; we rock balls!
Big Daddy Rich and the Outlaws from Texas, Texas Hippie Coalition, are playing this year's 99X Christmas Party December 13 at the Riverside Warehouse an…
Candlebox and Lions May Cry…Can NOT Miss This Show!
SO stoked about tomorrow night's Candlebox/Lions May Cry show at the Riverside Warehouse!  I almost lost it when I found out Candlebox was actually playing there...and on my Homegrown Live night, too!  It makes me want to share my stories about meeting lead vocalist Kevin Martin (twic…