Riverside Warehouse

Leogun Rocks The Warehouse Tomorrow Night [VIDEO]
1) Believed to be a were-lion, Leogun was half man, half lion.
2) A three-piece band from London surging with a mix of blues, soul and a whole lotta rock 'n' roll. With bite-your-head-off choruses and a hunger to groove, Leogun mix the musicality and heart-bleeding emotion of The R…
99X Winners Hang Out With Jackyl [PHOTOS]
Jesse James Dupree and Jackyl threw a party last night at The Jackyl Bar and Grill (otherwise known as the Riverside Warehouse), and 99X winners were invited to hang out with the band before they hit the stage.
The Sword Set Shreveport Date [VIDEO]
The Sword will be hitting the road in October for a fall headlining tour of the United States, in support of their new album, Apocryphon, which hits stores on October 22nd.
New Prong Video [VIDEO]
Only one more day until Prong (with Crowbar, Witchburn, and Wall and Sky) unlease Hell at the Riverside Warehouse.   The same day they release their new album, "Carved Into Stone".  Coincidence? I think not.
Pop Evil at the Warehouse [PHOTOS]
Pop Evil, Otherwise, Man Made Machine, and the Sunkissed Barrelabisca hit the Riverside Warehouse Saturday night (3/02), and 99X was there.  Yes, we still have the incriminating photos on a flash drive, and if we don't don't get the cash soon, those photos will be published!

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