99X CockFight: Adelitas Way v Saliva
Last week, Slash completely dominated the competition becoming our third member of the Rock Cock Hall of Fame. So, we start tonight with two new combatants. Adelitas Way takes on Saliva (Saliva, by the way, will be playing the Warehouse Friday night...
99X CockFight: Saliva v Otherwise
Since Puscifer is now retired to the Rock Cock Hall of Fame, it's time for two new combatants. Tonight, it's two bands that are coming into town in the next few weeks, Saliva versus Otherwise (Otherwise is opening up for Pop Evil on March 2nd and Saliva is headlining a show on March 9th at…
Saliva Premiere New Single ‘All Around the World’
Saliva recently announced that they found a new singer by the name of Bobby Amaru to replace their former frontman Josey Scott. Now, the band has unleashed a new single ‘All Around the World,’ which is being premiered on the website of FMX 94.5 in Lubbock, Texas.