Another Scam In Shreveport
KLSA-TV is reporting that a Caddo Parish constable has warned the public about a scam that is being perpetrated in Shreveport.  It involves thieves posing as UPS drivers.
Here's how it goes:  The scammers contact potential marks and tell them that they are a United Parcel Service …
Watch Out For Phone Scam In Bossier City
It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths criminals will go to steal money.  It seems that if they put the same amount of effort into doing something legal, they'd be successful because of sheer tenacity alone.
I don't know about you, but I've got all my phones on the national D…
Is It Just Me, Or Are Scam Phone Calls Running Amok?
The first day I arrived in Shreveport a little over a month ago, I lost my cell phone.  Well, I didn't actually lose it.  I left it on the top of my car and now it's somewhere in the middle of eastbound I-20 near the Pines Rd. exit.  Anyway, my wife and I went to AT&…

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