Shreveport music

Songs About Shreveport [VIDEO]
Shreveport has a long diverse history of music. From Leadbelly to The Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport has been the home of some of the most important musical influences in the 20th century and beyond.
Homegrown 10-09: With a Special Guest Host
Since I've been getting over being sick, and trying to get my voice back, I was unable to talk during tonight's Homegrown show. So I asked our "newbie" Chris Cox (who's not really "new" at all...he's one of the hosts of The Wake-Up Call on our …
Rockin’ Warehouse Show Tonight!
They used to be LoneStar Republic, but now the guys are back...with a new name and a couple of changes in the lineup. And they're at the Riverside Warehouse TONIGHT! It's This Day Forth from East Texas! They'll be kicking things off, with locals GiveN NothiN', and fellow east Tex…
Who’s on Homegrown 05-01-11?
You might have known them previously as, they've added a new (and very familiar to Homegrown) bass player and changed the name -- to The Laud Waters Band! They'll be chatting about what's been going on with them lately...
New Video by The American Tragedy! [VIDEO]
The new video of "Louisiana Loves Her Dead" by our "homegrown guys" The American Tragedy.  The guys did this as a dedication to the one-year anniversary of the gulf coast oil spill. It is a MUST-SEE!
Wicker Added to Friday Night Lineup
A fourth band has been added to Friday night's 99x Homegrown Live lineup at the Riverside Warehouse.  Wicker, from Hollywood, California, will play a short opening set ahead of Tap Dead Sinner, Forever Falls and Trepid. Come out early if you want to check them out...
Moulin Dudes II [PHOTOS]
Another amazing performance at the Riverside Warehouse Saturday night -- by The Moulin Dudes, four guys dressed like women, singing all our favorite chick songs!  Looking forward to a third show from these guys!  Big thanks to Triumphant Return for being part of this...
Best Song Ever…And I Wrote It! [AUDIO]
New song by new local rock duo Aimless...featuring JADE!! (Angela Thomas) on vocals, Rich Kelham on guitars.  This is my first attempt at creating my own music, so let me know what you think! Listen after the jump.