West Monroe Representative Wants To Raise Smoking Age
When the argument was raging about the legal drinking age, those for keeping it at 18 used the motto, "Old enough to fight and vote, old enough to drink and smoke." Nevertheless, in 1984 Congress passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, which required states to raise…
Hot Women Of The Toilet [PIC]
Ever wondered what the ladies do when they go to the bathroom together? #1, #2 AND...take pictures of themselves. Now we know. Enjoy your daily "Pause and Toss"
Porsche-Designed Hookah Draws Criticism from Health Experts
The hookah has been around for hundreds of years, invented by ancient doctors who thought passing tobacco smoke through water first would purify it.
Noble lineage aside, though, today it’s commonly referred to as a water-bong and used for tobaccos both legal and not-so-legal.