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Bill Burr Coming To The Strand April 22
Damn! Our calendar is just SLAMMED with awesome concerts over the next couple of months. But here is another killer thing to add to your calendar, the amazing Bill Burr is bringing his rough and raging brand of comedy to the Strand Theatre April 22!
Remembering Bill Hicks on His 50th Birthday [VIDEO]
There a lot of comics that receive the label of genius. However, most of them don't deserve the title. Carlin was a genius. Richard Pryor was a genius. Sam Kinison was a genius. And finally, Bill Hicks was a genius.
Bill Hicks never was never as famous as Pryor or Carlin, but he was just as…
Louis C.K. on Evolution [NSFW VIDEO]
To me, Louis C.K. is one of the funniest motherf**kers on the planet. If you're a fan, here is an outtake from his new comedy special "Live at the Beacon." This is some funny stuff, reminds a lot of Bill Hicks.