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Crack Really Does Kill! [VIDEO]
When we hear those old wives tales like "If you masturbate, you'll go blind", we generally pay them no mind because we think they are BS. And most of them probably are. However, the saying "Crack Kills" can now being taken literally.
A South Carolina man died in the backseat of a …
What’s Locked Up, Handcuffed, and Really Sucks?
Monday in Montgomery County, Texas, Tina Marie Arie and Howard Windham were arrested on drug charges at a Whataburger after a male acquaintance passed out from Hydrocodone that Arie admitted giving him.
The two were put into the back of a police car, but the driver soon noticed that he couldn't …
What Does Your Tattoo Tell People?
I have a friend who got a tat a few years back and he is so proud of it...why, i have no idea. It is SUPPOSED to be a Bald Eagle with the American flag, but it looks like a duck with an American flag.
Which brings me to the Dumbass of the day:
According to the Chicago Sun Times, Donnie Whitworth (AKA…
Pot and Criminals Do NOT Mix…[VIDEO]
According to a new survey, 50% of the country feels that marijuana should be legal, and I used to be on that band wagon. But, this is the reason pot won't be legal for a LONG turns people into complete F*#king idiots. Don't believe me, well just read this story...
Burglar Caught with Deer Camera [VIDEO LINK]
You don't really need a high dollar security system to catch a burglar in the act.  All you need is a deer camera cleverly hidden in a trash can. Or at least that's all that a Heather Cagle needed to bust Timothy Sepulvado, 21, breaking in to her house.
KTBS reports that Cagle had noticed some things…

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