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Stu’s News for 02-01-12
Mit Romney doesn't worry about poor people, Pfizer birth control pills work as good as tits on a bull, and Don Cornelius buys a ticket for the Soul Train. Hear it all, after the jump.
Stu’s News for 01-31-12
Louisiana is on TV and it's not about Katrina or the Saints, iPhones may be made by iSlaves, Blackberry cuts back on RIM jobs.  Hear it all, after the jump.
Stu’s News for 01-26-12
Pat Sajack admitted to getting sloshed during Wheel of Fortune.  Scientist know how to "cloak" things (don't tell the Klingons).  A Shreveport Police officer is arrested for solicitation and narcotics.  And we all have an STD??
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Stu’s News for 01-24-12
President Obama give the State of the Union.  Romney makes how much?  Shrooms may cure depression.  Hear the podcast after the jump.
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