10 Ridiculously Regrettable Disney Tattoos
Since tattoos are permanent and all, it's pretty important to choose a design you'll want to have for the rest of your life. The thing is, sometimes people don't exactly think about the whole 'forever' part of inking, and that's where hilarity comes prancing in.
Pervy Dude Has 15 Miley Cyrus Tattoos…Very Creepy [PICS]
We might as well face it: as much as we HATE Miley Cyrus and find her annoying, I think all of us would nail her. Wait, she is 18 right? (Checks Wikipedia.) Yeah, she's 19, so we're cool. So whether you like her or not, at the very least you'd probably hate eff her. But there is a dif…
“Tattoo Nightmares” New TV Show Now Casting
So how's that Tweedy Bird tattoo working out for ya? Or what about your ex's initials or even worse portrait. What about that japanese kanji that the artist told you meant strength and wisdom, but really means stupid ass? Well, there's a new TV show called "Tattoo Nightmares&…
WATCH: Big Tattooed Dude TERRIFIED of Puppies
Okay, there's apparently a new show I MUST watch. Animal Planet airs a show called "My Extreme Animal Phobia." The follows troubled people that have deep fears of animals and has them face their fears by coming into contact with them.

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