Tramp Stamp Tuesday [PHOTOS]
Tuesday means more Tramp Stamps!  And today, it's Tramp Stamps of the Rich and Famous!
It kinda puts everything into perspective...knowing that Jessica Alba has the same ink on her crack as that stripper on stage two at The Wild Orchid!
SuicideGirl of the Day – Asbury [PICTURES]
Meet Asbury. She’s a

Name: Asbury
Age: 24
Occupation: Dreamer. Hopeless Romantic. Painter. Photographer. Student.
Makes me happy: Art, black & white photographs, cheese, hoodies, John Cusack.
SuicideGirls is a community that celebrates alternative beauty and alternative culture…
Tramp Stamp Tuesday {PHOTOS]
According to the calendar on the wall, it's Tuesday September 7th, 2010.  I've gotta get a new calendar.  Nontheless, it is Tuesday...and that means it's time for another exciting edition of 'Tramp Stamp Tuesday".  Suck it down.
Tramp Stamp Tuesday [PHOTOS]
I'm not sure when lower back tattoos, or "tramp stamps," became popular, but now that everyone is bending over just a little bit more than usual so that everyone can see their butterfly, tribal gibberish, or random Chinese characters (DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT THAT SAYS?!?! For God's sake …
Rambo — SuicideGirl of the Day [PICTURES]
Introducing Rambo, a SuicideGirl who can’t live without a fresh pair of vans, fantasizes about sex on a water slide and loves anything tiny. That’s fantastic news for almost every guy. Let’s just hope she doesn’t think you&CloseCurlyQuo…
BelleBane and Bounty – SuicideGirls of the Day [PICTURES]
Meet BelleBane and Bounty, two SuicideGirls for the price of one. BelleBane is into time travel and cute panties and loves being a MILF. Bounty hates a person on a power trip, loves a good back rub and spends way too much time working. Let’s hope we can pull these two ladies apart. O…
Lylie — SuicideGirl of the Day
Meet Lylie, a 21-year-old British SuicideGirl who says she loves naughty words in English and a good guitar solo and that she can’t live without a bed. We’re sure there’s plenty of men who’d love to let you share theirs, Lylie!
Stigmata — SuicideGirl of the Day
Meet Stigmata, a SuicideGirl who says she’s lost and that when she goes out, anything can happen. Stigmata says kittens, puppies and eating yummy things makes her happy. Well, Stigmata, we find you to be quite yummy.

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